GMT STUDIO / DJ SERVICE - ".... Where sound does matter ... !! "
On site : Studio Usage
Analog and digital Multi track Recording for Albums , Demo Tapes and Soundtracks for weddings , parties , reunions , funeral services ,etc
Mix down and Mastering of Recordings to Audio CD , MP3 or Memory Card
Digital Editing ..... including Antares Auto Tune
Creation of Karaoke Tracks
Restoration of older recordings and dubbing to CD or MP3
DJ & Live   ON-Location  Sound /& Recording
Available services include music for private and public parties . Events such as class reunions, car shows , dances and churches are some examples . G.M.T provides all required sound and PA gear for each project .
Mike's Guitar Works
We can perform almost any task required in the service and care of your guitar or bass ." Unless your favorite ax has just been crushed. We can probably fix it !! "

$ 35.00/Hr.
$ 30.00/Hr.
$ 30.00/Hr.
$ 20.00/Hr.
$ 25.00/Hr.

75.00/Hr. ** this is a basic rate for comparison. Actual Cost will depend on number of staff and equipment needed to complete said project .

20.00/Hr. Shop labor fee - actual cost determined on project by project basis.
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